Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clear skies, smooth sailing

I've strolled, I've written my letter, done some chants, started yoghurt, eaten my breakfast and talked to a few humans.

My boss - The Wild - says I can write for a couple of hours then I must go out again and pick berries, or, if it is warm enough, loll on the beach. I am allowed to sketch or paint as well, as long as it is outdoors. I suppose I could also write on the beach - not revise but write - I have a poem stirring from the trip home.
So I will do at least two tomatoes (go here - Pomodoro - to find out what I'm talking about). Alright - pitter patter I'm flying atter.

Here are a couple of photos from my trip to Nova Scotia that I finally got loaded (I took over 400 so...) The first is the wondrous Pinware River outside of Red Bay, and the other is the lighthouse at L'anse Amour on the south coast of Labrador.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raining Again

I think I shall consider the natural world to be my boss, since I am without actual employment for the time being. When it rains, as it is today, I will consider that a directive from my boss to write. If it is merely grey out (not that common here) I will consider my boss to be saying 'walk the dog for a bit then write'. So today, it is writing for the morning at least and hoping for the usual 'clearing by noon' I will get her nibs out into the world one way or the other.

Yesterday I got a fair chunk of revising done on Bright Angel. I'm almost mid-way and it goes fairly quickly as I'm working off notes from a Beta reader (more like a Epsilon reader really!). Today I plan on going further with that and also to find the first three poems to send out and get my poetry grid up and ready. And what is that you ask? It is a chart of where and when I sent poems out and when I got them back keeps one from sending the same poems to the same literary mags hopefully. Truthfully? Do I think they'd notice? Probably not. Ah well, doesn't help to consider such things.

I have a new poem in my head too. It came to me on the road from Labrador City to Churchill Falls. Foxes and dancers feature. We'll see.

In between tomatoes (pomadora technique of 25 minute jags of writing) I will continue to sort out all the stuff we brought from Nova Scotia to here and where it will live and how to maintain some order.

There then! See you later.

two photos from trip out - 1st - whiskey jack in eastern Labrador sharing our lunch
2nd - Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday - writing day

It is a dark and rainy day. Bella is running in circles around the living room, knowing she isn't going to get a good walk this morning. If it clears later I'll take her but for now she'll have to provide her own home gym. Ha! She just went into her crate and is going to sleep. Guess even she knows.

All in all, a perfect day for writing. This being the beginning of living another year in Labrador I'm going to set some goals today and then pitter patter fly atter!

1. Bright Angel  - finish latest revision by mid-September. The fella has agreed to do a fine-tuning look at it (commas!). Then I'll get a package together and start sending it out. Still considering the Middle Way (what She Writes Press calls their publishing process)

2. Labrador Project - continue to explore how this is going to be structurally - a memoir? Poems, sketches, what? Be prepared to go to Piper's Frith (a Newfoundland writing retreat in October) with my unknowing but lots of draft ideas.

3. Poems - send out three a week starting this Friday.

4. Write script for murder mystery dinner to have here in Labrador -set in 1903 or thereabouts. Easy peasy...

And that is it. Doesn't need to be more complicated than that.
Soon it will be September and I already have that lovely blank notebook feeling.
How about you?

Now, to work!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Back in Labrador

Hi faithful pals - I'm back in Labrador and quite happy of it though missing my peeps already. It is lovely lovely lovely here - the weather balmy and I spent yesterday (or an hour of it) on the beach just out my door, swimming, sunning and reading. I plan on doing a writing plan tomorrow on this site but just wanted to shout out that I'm back atter.

Both sides of the house in Prospect rented.

boxes everywhere

happy dog

happy working man

a beach

a beach

a beach

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Checking In

Hello dear peoples,
I am just checking in so you won't think I'm a dead person, a sick person or a mental person. Well, I could be the last one. Here's the poop on my writing life:

I'm not writing.
I'm thinking about writing and I'm even meeting with other writers about writing but actually
Here are my reasons - not excuses for they aren't - they are reasons.

  1. I met two days ago with a creative friend about the Labrador project. It was good and I'm dreaming about where to go next. We will keep meeting and keep each other on track. Both our present projects are similar and require much space and consideration. We are both fine about this. We aren't even quite sure what these projects are - poetry, graphic novels, short short stories but we both know they are some form of memoir.
  2. I got my notes from the Tartlette back on Bright Angel. I was going over her last book of the series with a fine tooth comb and sent it back to her today. I haven't opened her notes to me (other than the general ones so I know I don't have to discard it) because I didn't want to until I had sent her her notes and because...
  3. I don't have my office available. It is full of boxes and boxes of boxes. I am clearing out this side of the duplex (the side we live on) so we can rent it furnished come September. While I'm doing that with some occasional help (thank you Gwen!) the fella is renovating the other side that has been rented without break for years and years and needs lots of work. How I'm doing this side is by initially cleaning out the third bedroom completely (did I say thank you Gwen?) so it can become the storage room. It has been cleared out but that meant that lots of unsorted boxes of crappola (step-dot? where are you?) has to be painstakingly gone through. Lots of that is happening in my office. Also, the fella didn't think I'd need internet (hello???) so gave me a computer that doesn't have the wifi converter. I have told him that I don't need to be in my office - I can be in the one he usually uses which is the rec room. I have a good feeling about that space. I wrote most of a novel there once many years ago and, even though it has nothing to recommend it as a writing space, I like it. Plus it is a heck of a lot easier to just move the computer to the wire than to put another part in it. But he can't move it until I get the junk out of my office that is in the way. Truth is...
  4. I'm not going to have lots of writing time. I'm here to get this place in order. The fella would have been happy to just rent one side of the house out and I went ballistic (in an artistic way) and said that was the kind of ditzy casual doings that got us into this financial hell-hole that requires us to work in the north and be cheerful living in dumb houses (and I assure you I don't mean the North West River house which I love even if it has none of my stuff in it) . None of that is exactly fair but it would be insane for us not to rent this place out or at least attempt to while we are in North West River. If we aren't going to do that we should sell the joint and this is a bad time in the economy of this region to sell a place.So I agreed that I would take on clearing this space out while he does all the dirty work next door.
And there you have it. Having said all that I would like to get going next week. I'm seeing clients tomorrow and buds on the weekend but think I could do some clearing and some writing so will make that my goal. I especially want to think about the Labrador project while I have someone who really sparks my creativity around to bounce ideas off of. I also am looking at where I might send Bright Angel - agent, publishers, Canadian, Amurican, YA types, general fiction types and so forth. Gwen is coming next Tuesday for a regular writing day and we'll only do a little junk schlepping. The rest will be all writing!